Repairs And Maintenance (Tables & Accessories)


  • Remove all cushion & pocket components
  • Remove the old cloth from the cushions
  • Fit the new timber blocks to the cushion body
  • Fit new 'grade A' Northern/Imported rubber to the timber blocks
  • Fit new building up strips to the timber block to support the rubber
  • Cut the rubber to fit the pocket openings to required specifications
  • Cover the cushions with new cloth fitting new cushion slips as necessary
  • Leave the table ready for play in first class condition

Shifting/Moving Tables:

We regularly move tables of various sizes and design structures from their existing sites to new sites; or move tables for storage purposes. Movements are carried out more simply where both collection site and re-erection site are at ground floor level. However, many movements are carried out at sites where stairs, heavy inclines or other obstructions are involved.

In this case the work is more difficult and requires more manpower. Our Company craftsmen provide appropriate care throughout shifting. We are also able to arrange dismantling of tables for crating and sending to overseas destinations.

Caring Tables:

The Snooker Room:Room temperature - Playing speed of a wool snooker cloth is reduced by dampness whilst humid conditions tend to lessen the effects of both screw and side on the bed of the table. It is important to avoid extreme variations in temperature and maintain the snooker room at a constant - not less than 60°F / 15°C.

Cleaning: A build-up of dust will eventually affect the playing performance of a napped cloth. Therefore, always keep the table covered when not in use, preferably with a waterproof dust cover. Vacuum the room daily. All dusting of tables and shades should be completed before the cover is removed.

Maintenance accessories: Dust covers, irons, brushes and other specialized table maintenance accessories should be part of your equipment checklist.

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