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The company was established in 1994, and is the largest Snooker & billiard Tables manufacturer in Pakistan. The company has had a rapid development in the snooker industry of Pakistan, and was highly appraised by the esteemed snooker lover & commanding authorities. Dolphin Snooker Industry not only provides best services but also announce best pricing offers for the customers. Dolphin Snooker exists all over Pakistan with leading and international level clubs. Dolphin Snooker Industry has played a key role in making snooker one of the popular sports in Pakistan.

In order for the company to survive and become the best among many other companies in the industry it has undergone a transitional change from a labor density company to specialized technical manufacturing procedure. After having comprehensive research planning designing and testing we are producing magnificent tables worthy of any stage. The Company’s Snooker tables are being used for National game events in all over Pakistan. Our products are being exported to Afghanistan, (UAE – Dubai), Malaysia, Italy and Denmark as well.
Dolphin Snooker Industry is now focusing on the needs & demands of our valued customers according to varying contemporary trends of market in order to compete in the current market place. Dolphin Snooker Industry is well renowned for its knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the snooker/billiard trade.

We have world renowned Pakistani snooker Champions in order to have an eye on the designs and aptness & technicalities of our tables regularly. He also has been giving professional coaching services to our Snooker beginners as well as national players for 07x Years in our world leading Snooker clubs. When speaking to Muhammad Yousaf regarding his view about our tables he stated the following…

“The Dolphin Snooker Industry is probably the best Snooker table manufacturer in Pakistan. Anyone who is serious about his snooker game would really want to play on a Dolphin Snooker Table.”

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Address:Malik Plaza, Main Peshawar Road, Near Bohar Masjid, Choor Chowk, Rawalpindi.

Telephone: +9251-5481413
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