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Dolphin Snooker Industry is also offering business franchise to sincere investors in order get benefit by using its renowned business name for Clubs. We are enjoying a strong customer loyalty in the market as snooker players always feel comfortable while playing on our Snooker Tables. We provide disciplined & well managed environment inside the club with trained staff who always been passionate about serving the customer best. Anyone who want to build & run snooker club with our name can visit us for further detail discussion.

Dolphin Snooker's Franchises

  1. Dolphin-21 Snooker Club (Muzafrabad AJK)
  2. Dolphin-31 Snooker Club (Range Road)
  3. Dolphin-41 Snooker Club (Barakahon Islamabad)
  4. Dolphin-43 Snooker Club (Sadaqabad Rawalpindi)
  5. Snooker Club (Trameri Chowk Rawalpindi)
  6. Dolphin-47 Snooker Club (Ghori Town Rawalpindi)
  7. Dolphin-49 Snooker Club (Sixth Road Rawalpindi)
  8. Dolphin-51 Snooker Club (Rawat GT Road Rawalpindi)
  9. Dolphin-53 Snooker Club (Sakardu)
  10. Dolphin-55 Snooker Club (Simbly Dam Road Barakahu Islamabad)
  11. Dolphin-57 Snooker Club (Churr Chowk Rawalpindi)

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