Snooker Game Rules

24. Penalties for Fouls:

The following are fouls and incur a penalty of four points or the higher one prescribed:

1. value of the ball on -

by striking:
a. when the balls are still moving from the previous shot.
b. the cue ball more than once (double hit).
c. without at least one foot on the floor.
d. out of turn.
e. improperly from in hand within the Half Circle.

by causing:
f. the cue ball to miss all object balls.
g. the cue ball to enter a pocket.
h. a snooker with free ball.
i. a jump shot.

2. value of the ball on or ball concerned -

by causing:
a. a ball not on to enter a pocket.
b. the cue ball to first hit a ball not on.
c. a push stroke.
d. by striking with a ball not correctly spotted.
e. by touching a ball with other than the tip of the cue.
f. by forcing a ball off the table.

3. Value of the ball on or higher value of the two balls by causing the cue ball to hit simultaneously two balls other than two reds or a "free ball" and the ball on.

4. penalty of seven points is incurred if -

the striker
a. After potting a red commits a foul before nominating a color. b. Uses a ball off the table for any purpose.
c. Plays at reds in successive strokes.
d. Uses as the cue ball any ball other than the white one.

These Rules are internationally applicable and have been defined by Billiard Congress of America, and hence it’s copyright protected by them.

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