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Carrom Board:

A Carrom board is a square smooth flat wooden board that can be 72cm or 74cm square and which should be positioned 60 - 70cm above the ground. In each corner is a circular hole that can be 51mm in diameter and underneath each hole is a net to catch the pieces in a similar way to a snooker table.

Carrom Men:

A set of nineteen light wooden or acrylic discs or coins (known as Carrom men) - nine white, nine black and one red (known as the Queen).

While wooden Carrom men are conventional, the recent acrylic or resin alternatives are lighter and less abrasive, thereby facilitating a faster game. However, if you've always played with wooden ones, it does take some time getting used to the acrylic ones - almost like driving an automatic car after years on a manual!

Carrom Striker:

An acrylic disc (larger and heavier than the coins) used to "strike" the coins.There is such a wide variety of strikers available that selecting one in terms of physical appearance is a matter of personal choice. They come in all sorts of colors, ranging from ivory to black, with various illustrations, engravings etc. Since a poor striker can dampen the game altogether, it is important to go for quality ones with a smooth surface, for minimum friction and high impact.

Carrom Powder:

Carrom powder is sprinkled on the board's surface to reduce friction, thereby enabling smoother and faster play.

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